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Feel-good fashion and style.
At Bonny flair, we sell everyday styles to busy women who are just looking for something nice to wear and are in need of a wardrobe refresh. We understand it can be hard to find cute and flattering clothes online and we want to make it easier for you shop. We spend a lot of time curating items that are easy to wear, good quality, and feel good on. We hope that you find something you love and will wear it again and again. 
Bonny Flair opened less than a year ago and we are thankful for all of your support. We are a women's clothing boutique online only, based in the Washington, DC area. 
"I opened this store because I noticed it was hard to find cute styles online that fit my casual style and budget. All I had in my wardrobe were black suits for work and I knew something had to change. Also, my body changed a bit after having my child. After spending a long time finding a new style and wardrobe, I felt good on the weekends with my new styles on hanging out with my family. I want other people to feel confident and feel good in their new styles as well - which is why I opened Bonny Flair."  Cassandra, Owner of Bonny Flair. 
Cassandra owns and operates Bonny Flair. She is a working-mom in the tech industry, wife, veteran, photographer, and has a small poodle.