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Keeping it Neutral - Bonny Flair

Keeping it Neutral

Hello, owner of Bonny Flair here. I just wanted to share an outfit idea for you and I call it - Keeping it Neutral. So, if you find yourself at home more than usual, you may find yourself wearing some more comfortable pants. For me, this means wearing less jeans and more pants with elastic waist and lighter materials. 

If you are looking for some chic and comfortable pants, I suggest trying our 'Angela' satin pants. They are soft, have pockets, and come with an elastic waist. Not only do they feel good, but they will also make you feel glamorous around the house. 

With the white satin pants, I suggest wearing our most popular sleeveless bodysuit in Taupe. These bodysuits are awesome because they are smoothing, soft, and made with great material. 

Now, to add an extra fuzzy and soft layer, add the fuzzy cardigan for extra comfort. It is soft, furry, fuzzy, and comfy! Cardigans don't get any better than this one! 

If you are not a fan of bodysuits or want an even more relaxed look. You can pair the 'Angela' satin pants with our open should sweater. Take your classic turtle-neck to another level with its open shoulder detail!


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