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Fall Print Trends - Bonny Flair

Fall Print Trends

It is time to be chill and look great because fall is here. Fall is the favorite season for fashion lovers because there are infinite options to try and you can experiment with your clothes. You can layer your outfits to look classy or you can simply wear a cozy sweater to look cute. Before you begin shopping for a season, you need to learn which colors and prints are trending. This year fall trends are for both maximalists and minimalists and fall print trends can easily prove it. Following are the prints that you can wear this fall to look trendy!

Plaid Pattern

Plaid pattern has made a huge comeback this season as it was the most prevailing pattern on the fashion runaways. This print was spotted at Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Versace and Saint Laurent. Plaid pattern dresses and blazers are also making headlines this fall. This pattern looks cool and classy. If you want to buy a clothing item that has a plaid pattern, then check out our plaid pattern outer wear.




Check out the plaid ruana with pockets here.



Houndstooth Pattern

The houndstooth pattern has made a small but notable comeback this fall. It is one of the most liked prints of fall 2020. This print was spotted at Versace and Richard Quinn. This print is mostly used for blazers, outer wears and pants. Want to rock this print this fall? Then buy this houndstooth outer wear from Bonny Flair.



Check out our houndstooth ruana here.


Delicate Floral Print

Delicate Floral print is also one of the coolest prints for fall. The designers want people to see flowers even in the Autumn Seasons. Looking for delicate floral print tops but can’t find any? Here are our favorite delicate Floral Print tops from Bonny Flair. Wear them and make a fashion statement!





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